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Shitposter Club (Shitposter Club) はPleromaのサーバーだ。


@sim @coldacid @PurpCat @kirby @rw SPC was on completely different server or it would have been lost too. Yes, I am responsible for the ultimate demise of and from not having OFF SITE backups, a fact that I still deeply regret. After Hope was doxed, they left the community and robek and I negotiated to acquire the two sites. There are serious differences in moderation style between us and I was not totally comfortable taking that on but we absolutely did not want a huge chunk of the Fediverse to go offline.
@PurpCat @kirby those two servers definitely courted people banned from Twitter. I attempted to try (the thing Evan P one of the authors of ActivityPub made that almost killed the network) before my GNU Social server. I was and am very interested in freedom and decentralization which was my primary motivation. SPC started as a strong free speech instance that basically banned violent threats, doxing and loli, sealion didn't. SPC has since created more rules on perceived and real harassment. we absorbed a lot of users early on from another shitposting server named that went defunct after a database crash. I'll try to add more facts as I remember them.

2016-02-07に誕生した。当初はGNU socialのサーバーだった。2018年頃にGNU socialからPleromaにバックエンドを切り替えている。


分散SNSとしては、Mastodonが生まれる前から存在しており、古参のサーバー・ユーザーとなる。Moon自体はMastodonには懐疑的な立場で、右派的な立場で、自由を重んじているように見える。現在はPleromaだが、今でもGNU socialには愛着があるようで、度々GNU socialへの言及がある。



PRNewsWire Fediverse flagship and oldest continuously-running instance has announced a switch to Mastodon :mastodon: The embattled, controversial server has been a mainstay of the Fediverse for over 8 years. Starting April, coinciding with the transition to a new server name. SHITPOSTER WORLD LLC will switch to the popular Pleroma alternative, Mastodon. CEO Moon Man: "we needed a solution that would scale along with our community and Mastadon checked all the right boxes. We anticipate a smooth transition, which is absolutely necessary for us to move forward. Pleroma has served us well over the years but it is time to adopt a leaner and more corporate-friendly solution." Pleroma shares took a hit at the news, dropping over 100 dollars a share. Pleroma CEO Lain Witherspoon announced "we are sorry to see shitposter club go. We believe we still have compelling offerings for the discerning small-business customer. #ItsAlwaysPleroma :pleroma:
New server is going up late tonight, I am still not sure if I’ll switch current server to read only right away because it’s killing the whole machine’s performance. I need to accelerate the time table.
#SPC is closing and moving to another domain because of some database performance issues. The idea is that starting over will mean a much smaller database and a much smaller number of outside connections, and therefore should reduce or eliminate the database overtaxing. The Pleroma dev team has been engaged, and has found several performance improvements that will soon be available to all instances. #Pleroma #PostgreSQL